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At (Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Center) JDC, Mudavanmugal,Trivandrum, Kerala, India, patients can select specially manufactured foot wears of their choice from the specially designed showroom.
Every 30 seconds a foot is being amputated due to diabetes.You can prevent and protect your feet from serious damages by daily use of special foot wears. Microcellular Rubber, Evasol, Microcellular Polymer, Polyurethane and a variety of other approved materials are being used for manufacturing diabetic Foot wears.Designer wears are also available. Apart from affordable chappals for the middle class patients, custom made expensive chappals and shoes offers comfort, both at home, work and exercise.
JDC Junction,
Kerala, India
Phone: +91- 471- 2356200

Living Longer Life Care private Limited
Living Longer Life Care private Limited is an upcoming Institute for Diabetes and Geriatric Care. We are offering the state of the art management and follow up program via telemedicine.
The whole aim of the program is to offer a treatment same as in the developed world but in a much cheaper method. A team of well-trained professionals and paramedicals manage the show. National and International patients getting appointment should be prepared to stay for a minimum of three days at Trivandrum for detailed physical and lab evaluation.
We also offer CSII (continuous subcutaneous Insulin Infusion) via Insulin pump therapy for affordable diabetes patients. Our trained Insulin Pump professionals are capable of initiating and following up this modern treatment of Diabetes headed by Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev
We also sell glucometers, (only international brands) Test strips, Diabetes Foot wears, Insulin analogs, pen devices Insulin pumps etc etc.
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