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On July 4, at 5.15 p.m. Indian Standard time, there is going to be a unique online health education program on diabetes for the public in Trivandrum.
The Indian Institute of Diabetes(IID) and All Kerala Diabetes Patients Association(AKDPA) jointly is organizing an interactive event at Press Club, Trivandrum at 5.00pm.
India is now the global capital of diabetes and Kerala at its top in the list.Diabetes and its devastating complications like heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney diseases etc., are creating a huge economic and social burden.
IID and AKDPA together in this program will enable a unique opportunity for patients in Kerala to directly interact with Mayo Clinic faculty in USA.
Mr.Rajmohan, the Chairperson of AKDPA and MD of Hindusthan Latex leads the organising team in India comprising of Dr.Sameer,Dr.Shabeer, Pradeep, Jose Francis and Jayasree.(technical co ordinator in India- Dr.Sameer e mail: zameerb@eth.net)
The broadband internet connectivity in Trivandrum is provided by Asianet Data Line.


The World India Diabetes foundation governing board member, AKMG Past president and world renowned Physician from India residing in USA, Dr.M.V Pillai will join the inaugural event from USA along with the distinguished gathering in Trivandrum.

At 5.45 pm (7.15 am USA time) the live patient interaction will begin.

The following members are expected to participate from Mayo Clinic:

1. Dr.Sreekumaran Nair
(Chair- WIDF, Consultant in Endocrinology and Director-GCRC, Mayo Clinic)
2. Dr.Steven Smith
(Consultant in Endocrinology, Mayo Clinic and Chair Council on Clinical Endocrinology, Health Care Delivery & Public Health,American Diabetes Association )
3. Dr.Yogish Kudva
(Consultant in Endocrinology, Mayo Clinic and Assistant Professor of Medicine - Mayo Medical School )
4. Dr.Laura Greenlund
(Endocrinology Fellow, Mayo Clinic)
5. Laura Odel
(Pharmacist in charge of ambulatory care and diabetes patient education at Mayo)
5.Jothydev Kesavadev ( Endocrinology Fellow, Mayo Clinic)
(co ordinator of this programme and IID official in USA)

This is the first in the series of live two way interactive,global CME programmes, utilising just the optimal resources available, which if proves to be sucessful and beneficial, will become a model for similar CMEs for doctors and the public in Kerala.
Your opinion and blessings solicited.


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