Dr Jothy Dev's work on diabetes, fall into several categories.

Diabetes clinic and patient education
Diabetes Education for the public
Diabetes education for the patients
Diabetes Screening and prevention programmes

North Paravoor IMA at Cherai Beach Resort July 9,2005
Diabscreen CME for Doctors at Residency Towers, July 30,2005

Diabetes Education of doctors

The management of diabetes is ever changing. India is now known as the global capital of diabetes in the world. Diabetes is posing a major threat to our economy and health scenario. The massive increase in diabetes is not only because of life style changes but also due to the massive increase in the aging population.. The countries with the largest number of people with diabetes are projected to be in the year 2025 are India 57 million, China 38 million and the U.S.A. 22 million. The greatest increase between 1995 and 2025 is expected to occur in India (195%)
Over the years, it has been understood that, though there are several medications to treat diabetes, majority of patients ultimately develop serious complications. Probably, it is because of the failure of the existing and established treatment regimens, newer schemes are developed and recommended periodically. Dr. Jothydev has delivered talks at various sessions on the updated management of diabetes. Though, he is involved in almost all aspects in the management of diabetes, his area of special interest is in ' diabetes in the elderly'.


Along with Professor K.V.Krishnadas and Dr.A.B.Dey (AIIMS, New Delhi) in a WHO CME at, AIMS, Kochi.
(spoke on "Treatment of Diabetes in the Elderly")

Case presentation at Diabetes Update, Dr.A.K.Das (Dean, JIPMER, Pondichery) chairing the session
A Talk on "Prandial Glucose Regulation in Type 2 Diabetes" at Jayasekhar Hospital, Sep11, 2001, Nagarcoil
With Dr.N.N.Asokan at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi on February, 2001
Delivering a talk for house surgeons on the diabetes management
“Clinical Practice Guidelines-Diabetes mellitus" a Presentation at 'Medisat' in Medical College on september15,2001
Lilly-diabetes update 2002 by Jothydev for junior doctors on 9th February 2002, chaired by John Mary ( famous journalist)

"Pin Prick and the pain of perfection; the lessons learnt’ a talk at Ernakulam on June 17th,2001.Dr.Harish Kumar endocrinologist, Amrita institute of medical sciences, kochi also seen.
“Growing Old with Diabetes-New Hopes” for general practitioners and physicians on February 26,2001
"Diabetic Neuropathy-The Realities", a talk at Ernakulam on September 20,2002
Presentation at Medisat at Department of Medicine, Medical College, Trivandrum
‘Benefits of aggressive treatment in the Elderly’ a paper presented at Novo Nordisk
Diabetes update, New Delhi,2002
A talk at Kanakakunnu Palace on ‘Recent Trends in Diabetes Mellitus with special reference to Indigenous Plants" on September 27,2002

"Recent trends in management of 
Diabetic Neuropathy" Medical College
Chair: Dr.Joy Philip

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