Special geriatrics session being
organised in Medical Camps.
Kerala is graying at a rapid pace. Dr. Jothydev is especially interested in care of the Elderly.
Dr Jothydev, amidst his busy schedule as a clinician, has been very regular in conducting as well as participating in free Medical Camps. In Kerala, Medical camps are meant mainly for the rural population and are conducted by various Charitable and Voluntary organisations. In the urban areas, such camps are organised by Residents associations (sometimes in association with other charitable organisations) of various housing colonies.
Usually in medical camps, a large number of people suffering from various ailments arrive to avail the facility. Dr.Jothy Dev has also organised free blood sugar screening in several such medical camps. High blood pressure, uncontrolled / unrecognized diabetes etc, are often identified in such camps. Medicines are also distributed free of cost to the poor. Medical Camps though, is a blessing for the poor, has got its own limitations.However, serious ailments, once diagnosed can be followed by regularly , if this responsibility is taken care of by the organisers.
 At the old age home at Chakkai with medical students
Dr Thomas Mathew, NSS coordinator, with the Indian Geriatrics Society team.
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