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The contributions made by Dr.Jothydev.K, in propagating World Health Organisation's messages through print and visual media are highly commendable. Kerala , being the state with the highest life expectancy in India, has made history by celebrating WHO World Elderly Day every year since 1999,and attracting public attention in a massive way, under his leadership. Not only the World Elderly Day, The World Asthma Day and World Diabetes Day were so celebrated every year, under the leadership of Jothydev.K.VIPs and celebrities were coaxed to involve in public functions to ensure massive turnout and quick acceptance of concepts like "intensive Diabetic Treatment", "inhalers are the best for Asthma", "move for health", 'Active Ageing" etc.Dr Jothydev has had his training in the care of the elderly under Dr.A.B.Dey (AIIMS,New Delhi). He had an exposure to the state of the art geriatric management in the United States, and a brief training under Dr.Dharmarajan, at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Centre, New York. The WHO Training Workshops organised by Dr.Jothydev were the firsts of its kind with respect to the new discipline-Geriatrics, dealing with the care of elderly patients.
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Dr.Ramachandran addressing a public function on World Diabetes Day celebrations 2000 ,VJT Hall, Trivandrum; Mayor J. Chandra and Jothydev seen.


Poetess Hridyakumari, Ajithkumar, Andrew Pappachan (WMC president)

Peethambarakurup, Mohankumar MLA, Sivakumar MP, K.Karunakaran, 
P.Sankaran,Mallika Sukumaran, 
Maniyan Pillai Raju,  Jothydev(left)

P.Sankaran, Sunithajothydev, Jothydev
 Dr.ABDey, Dr.K.V Krishnadas, Dr.Jothydev

 Dr.RV Jayakumar, Jubba RamakrishnaPillai, Mayor Sivankutty (1999), Jothydev

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