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Diabetes Education of doctors



Modern Insulin pumps are being used in JDC since 2005.We have
hundreds of patients on insulin pumps, from various parts of the world being followed up via tele medicine program.What about a pump which will display blood sugars automatically? The first Paradigm Real time Pump (Paradigm 722) was deployed in JDC on October 22, 2006.This NEW pump has a sensor and with the help of a separate transmitter and sensor needle will easure blood sugars every 10 seconds and via radio frequency (RF) waves will transmit them to the pump and will display blood sugars in the pump screen every 5 minutes.The patient can also set low and high sugars for alarms and adjust insulin dosages accordingly.

We are the certified, Minimed Medtronic "International Pump
Centre of Excellence in India" with several patients both diabetes type 1 and 2 from all over the world..

The introduction of new generation Insulin Pumps have made
treatment of diabetes much easier and natural, offering flexibility in the timing, quality and quantity of food .Designed for all Insulin requiring patients of any age group, our center has trained personnel for round the clock advice and monitoring.The new paradigm Medtronics Minimed pump can be purchased from JDC. We advice patients on Insulin Pump therapy to attend our special education and follow-up program and should stay for a minimum of 3 days in the city of Trivandrum for education and eployment.

Click on the following links to view videos, read patient
experiences etc.,

Instructions to Insulin Pump Patients
Video by Dr. Jothydev (English)
First Paradigm pump in Kerala
First Real Time Pump in Kerala
Patient Experience - Mathrubhumi

Realtime Paradigm Pump
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