Dr Jothy Dev's work on diabetes, fall into several categories.

Diabetes clinic and patient education
Diabetes Education of doctors
Diabetes Education for the public
Diabetes Screening and prevention programmes

Diabetes Education for the patient

Educating the patients is different from educating the public in general.

Dr. Jothydev's presentations before the diabetes patients are also different in the sense that more emphasis is given to specific symptoms and signs of diabetes. He conducts diabetes patient education for patients attending his clinic usually twice a month. Since the patients attending the clinic are supposed to own a quality Glucometer and is strictly followed up periodically through telephone, the messages is conveyed and instructions given in such programs may not be applicable to other patients in the community. Hence in general public education programs only common messages/ tips are given.

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Political leader and social worker, Ajith kumar(Secretary, AKDPA) learning the use of glucometer/pen devices for imparting health education to his men in the community

a group of patients and their relatives/friends

We are providing certain links to a few programs and to some questions and answers which will be very useful to the netizens browsing through these pages.
From a talk for diabetes patients at Karimpanal Arcade, Statue, Trivandrum

an interactive lecture for patients on intensive treatment

brief medical examinations after group education sessions
Que: I have heard so many people saying that insulin can produce addictions. They say that once started you will develop addictions and you have to have injections till death. Is it true?
Ans: Well, it is a good question and I have answered this question several times before. This is a perfect example of how innocent people can be easily fooled and made to believe totally baseless ideas. I have heard about people becoming addicted to alcohol, heroin and cigarettes. If I ask you not to drink plain water because you will become addicted to it, what will be your response? In that case you will probably be forced to believe that I am a mad man. Water is something absolutely essential to sustain life. Water is a major component of our body. You can't imagine survival without drinking water.

Insulin is a hormone normally produced in the human body. It is absolutely essential for survival. In some diabetic patients, we can use some tablets orally to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin or to increase the efficiency of the existing insulin. But there are so many patients with diabetes who require insulin treatment to normalize their blood sugar values. Earlier you start insulin the better. Please remember, if you are among those who did not obey your doctor's order and did not start insulin at the right time or started insulin very late, be prepared to face disastrous consequences in the eye, kidney, nerves, heart etc.

From a talk organised by All Kerala Diabetes Patients Association( AKDPA)

Jothydev delivering his speech at AKDPA. Rajmohan (President, AKDPA and MD, Hindusthan latex) chairing the session

the patient education programs are attended upon by even those without diabetes, to gather knowledge on an illness which takes a major toll on state's economy.
(Shri.Sasthamangalam Mohan also seen)
Que:- I am 65 years and I was using Daonil ( Glibenclamide/glyburide) twice daily. I have severe burning pain on both my legs and nights are awful. My blood sugar is usually above 300. I do not like injections and I don't have the money to buy injections. I have started using the roots and leaves of some plants which are very good in diabetes. I feel better now though my blood sugar remains the same. Can I continue taking these medicines?

Ans:- I very well understand your situation. I am sorry that you have a high blood sugar value and some complications of diabetes. It is only because you are physically still very active that keeps you in good spirits. There is no scientific data for me to support or negate the use of some roots and leaves. My sincere request will be to consult a doctor and consider taking Insulin injections, if that is his advise, since you have a painful Peripheral Neuropathy, it can progress, but diabetes can be more cruel when age advances. Be optimistic and consult a good doctor. The present scientifically proven treatment modalities available for diabetes, can keep you very healthy and charming even when you are eighty five years old.

University College Grounds during Onam Celebrations 2000
One Selected Question and Answer

Que:- I am a 40 year old College lecturer very active and healthy. 4 months back I had a difficulty in vision and consulted an Ophthalmologist. My vision got corrected with a pair of spectacles. A month later I had itching on my genitalia and consulted a physician. He ordered for blood sugar estimation and the value was alarming, above 400mg%; still I did not have tiredness or increased appetite. With medications my blood sugar value came down. But surprisingly my vision again went wrong and I consulted another ophthalmologist . He said that the power has changed. I had to again go for another pair of glasses. Does it mean that my power will go on changing like this? Is it due to diabetes?

Ans:- Its a good question and there are two important messages hidden within the question. One is the occurrence of Diabetes without overt symptoms. It is quite common and that is exactly why, it is recommended that healthy people should screen for early detection of Diabetes before complications occur in other organs.

Unfortunately Diabetes is diagnosed after approximately 5 to 7 years of its occurrence. Fluctuations in the blood sugar value will have an adverse effect on the vision. The human lens being composed of proteinacious material will get altered, when the blood sugar raises. A diabetic patient should go for a new pair of lenses only after properly controlling the blood sugar value. In this case, he may not even require glasses since the vision was normal before the disease.

Cataract and Retinopathy are the prominent characteristics of long standing Diabetes. All Diabetic patients require an yearly consultation by an ophthalmologist.

(At University college grounds- 2000 diabetes public education programme organised by "FAITH"- (Shabeer, Arun) Undergraduate medical students organisation)

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