Dr Jothy Dev's work on diabetes, fall into several categories.

Diabetes Education of doctors
Diabetes Education for the public
Diabetes education for the patients
Diabetes Screening and prevention programmes

Diabetes clinic and patient education
Dr. Jothydev has got in his private clinic, a unique diabetes treatment and follow- up program. The management is largely based on American Diabetes Association guidelines. The follow up is very strict, aimed at intensive management in as many patients as possible.
The private Clinic functions only two days a week. New registrations are strictly limited to prevent overcrowding, so as to retain the quality of treatment. Having registered, the patients undergo detailed clinical examination and they are directed to a laboratory, with state of the art equipments and strict quality control for detailed evaluation and also to a private Ophthalmology Center for examination of the eye.
Intensive Diabetes management is recommended after detailed discussion with the patient and his/her relatives (care giver). If retinopathy is present, its treatment (laser coagulation) is required before initiating the intensive diabetes therapy. The patients are directed to report through telephone, e-mail or fax on pre-determined dates and follow-up is done through a computer tracking program. One fasting and three two-hour post prandial blood sugar values (SMBG) per day are to be reported by the patient. Periodically, LDL, HbA1c, 24 hours microalbuminuria, serum creatinine etc have also to be reported. A trained nurse (jayasreelally@yahoo.com) will receive the information and also will remind the defaulters. If the patient forgets to report the values, they will be contacted by the nurse and reminded. If the response is poor after repeated telephone calls, the caregiver will be called and reminded.
During each such electronic consultation, medicines will be modified according to requirement and hence the person who is calling should have sufficient knowledge, to write down the instructions. Instructions are modified and carried out, only in consultation with the doctor.
Each diabetic patient, along with his/her caretaker is invited for a patient education program. After a lecture by Dr. Jothydev, the audience can have prolonged interaction with the doctor. The patients will thus get an opportunity to clear all their doubts during these sessions and it will be generally beneficial to all the participants.
During the educational sessions, after fasting Blood sugar evaluations, breakfast is also provided free for all registered patients. A video CD (produced by Mrs. Sunitha Jothydev) on diabetes patient education presented by Dr. Jothydev will also be given as a compliment to the patients for future reference. These 'incentives' provided during the educational sessions are to promote maximal participation, since awareness about diabetes and its deadly complications are the key factors behind the success of treatment.
The targets of therapy of patients attending the clinic are the following
1. Fasting sugar<110mg%
2. All Post Prandial 2hour values including Bedtime should be <140mg%
3. LDL<100mg%
4. HbA1c <6%
5. BP<130/80 mmHg

Elderly Diabetes patients are also accepted for intensive management of Diabetes subject to certain limitations.
In addition to these, Dr. Jothydev conducts continuing, bimonthly education programs for his patients. Diabetic patients are fully made aware of the fact that diabetes if left untreated, can lead to blindness, renal failure, nephropathy, stroke, heart attacks etc which are complicated health problems requiring expensive treatment.

material prepared by sunitha and jayapalan


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