Dr Jothy Dev's work on diabetes, fall into several categories.

Diabetes clinic and patient education
Diabetes Education of doctors
Diabetes Education for the public
Diabetes education for the patients

Diabetes Screening and prevention programmes

During his student life in Medical College, Dr. Jothydev was a pioneer in introducing a District Diabetes Screening program. He was at that time Secretary of the Medical Brothers Society (other executive members at that time being Dr.Ajaiyakumar S.K, Dr. Satish Kumar. K, Dr. Sen.D, Dr. Balagopal P.G, Dr.Saravana Kumar T.V, Dr. Joseph Gomez A, Dr. Satheesh Kumar.V etc, etc, etc). Seen in the picture is the then District Collector Mrs. Nalini Netto launching the program on April 19, 1991.


A news clipping came in Hindu national daily (1991)
Pictures of various camps
DDSP launch by the then Dist.Collector, Nalini Netto
A Diabetes detection camp in a rural area
Has actively conducted and participated in so many diabetes detection camps for the poor and orphaned
A Diabetes detection camp in a 
rural area
near kattakkada
a camp organised by the NSS, Medical College, Trivandrum. Dr. Thomas Mathew , secretary of the NSS is also seen

A camp organised by Residents association, Trivandrum city
 Dr. Jothydev inaugurating a camp in an ashramam at Kollam
A diabetes detection camp for tribes in Bonaccord estate near Anamudi hills, Kerala
a view of general population awaiting talk on preventive health issues.
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