Dr Jothydev's work on diabetes, fall into several categories.

Diabetes clinic and patient education
Diabetes Education of doctors
Diabetes education for the patients
Diabetes Screening and prevention programmes

Diabetes Education for the public

Patient education is perhaps the key component of successful diabetes treatment.
Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev has conducted around 50 community Diabetes Health awareness interactive lectures. His effort is commendable in reaching the message to the masses on how to tackle this dreaded illness. Jothydev has also utilized all available media including the Radio and Television on several occasions for the education of diabetes patients. He has also written hundreds of articles on various print media on different aspects of diabetes treatment.

malayalam article
english article


Dr.Ramachandran addressing a public function on World Diabetes Day celebrations 2000 ,VJT Hall, Trivandrum; Mayor J. Chandra and  Jothydev seen.

A diabetes awareness programme in Surya TV 
( Dr. Thomas Mathew and Dr. Jothydev)

Inauguration of All Kerala Diabetes Patients Association (AKDPA) on World Diabetes Day 2002

Honorable minister of Health Shri. P.Sankaran presenting  the first membership to famous film star Shri. Maniyan Pillai Raju. Others are Shri. Rajmohan, President of AKDPA (Chairman and MD Hindustan Latex), Shri Mohankumar, MLA and Jothydev

A gathering of patients and their relatives attending the inauguration of AKDPA. This association headed by Rajmohan is aimed at providing periodic updated health education for the patients, relatives, and strategies to prevent diabetes in the family members.

A public interactive talk on 
‘Tips on Management of Diabetes’ 
Onam celebrations 2002 at 
Kanakakunnu Palace Trivandrum
V.G Govindan Nair famous advocate chairing

The attentive and interactive crowd at an open 
auditorium in Trivandrum. There is a very enthusiastic audience in Kerala for all such programmes involving interactive health education. Some selected Q and A s posted elsewhere on this web site.

At University college grounds- 2000
diabetes public education programme organised by "FAITH"- (Shabeer, Arun)
Undergraduate medical students organisation
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