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Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centre is the first ISO certified and only International Diabetes Federation recognized comprehensive diabetes care centre in Kerala since 1997, dedicated to intensive diabetes management with patients from over 25 countries. The centre offers entire diabetes related tests, executive checks; preventive care packages under one roof. It is the first comprehensive care centre in Kerala solely dedicated to diabetes evaluation and management with a telemedicine based follow-up.

Our efforts are committed to opening a unique gateway to the patients by helping them prevent the complications of diabetes through a continuous and comprehensive evaluation recognized at an International level. Presence of multidisciplinary diabetes treatment team working 24*7 with team spirit to serve the patients is the prime specialty of the centre.

Why Choose Jothydev's


Dedication of 20 years

Patients from more than 50 countries around the world.

Trust Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre for extensive investigations of most updated treatment for diabetes.

The pioneers and leaders in CGM since 2005 and Insulin pump therapy since 2004.

First dedicated comprehensive diabetes Centre in Kerala with fully automated quality controlled research laboratory.


Continuing Care

Once registered, patients get the benefit of continuing medical care around the clock over the trusted telemedicine DTMS®. Jothydev’s is the first ISO certified diabetes telemedicine Centre in Kerala.

Very limited patient appointments/day to ensure quality in education and treatment.

Pharmacy and diabetes shop with all the modern medications, insulin's including analog insulin, insulin pumps and accessories, CGM sensors, footwear etc.


Beyond Diabetes

Once registered for comprehensive care package, every aspect of the individual is taken care of including immunisations, tumour markers, customised education etc.

Comprehensive laboratory evaluation to detect involvement of vital organs with including liver, kidney, eye and heart.

Comprehensive laboratory evaluation for detection of cancer in prostate, liver, pancreas, ovary etc.

Routine vaccination as per International guidelines since 2004.


Centre of Education

Jothydev’s Diabetes Research Centre is recognised internationally and nationally as a Centre for advanced diabetes education for physicians. It is the only IDF recognised Centre of Excellence for education and diabetes care in Kerala.


Centre of Research

Generating world class original research presentations and publications from Kerala.

Our Services

Collaborative, Life-changing and everyday care….. You can welcome complementary advice from the enthusiastic multidisciplinary team at JDC.

Meet our Specialists

Chairman & Managing Director, Jothydev's Diabetes Research Centres
Medical Director and Senior Consultant Diabetologist, JDC
Centre Head and Chief Consultant Diabetologist, JDC Attingal
Centre Head and Chief Consultant Diabetologist, JDC Kochi