New patient/Visitors guide
1 . 
All new patients have to take a prior appointment either through the telephone or email.

2 . 

All new patients should come 12 hrs fasting status (unless contraindicated or informed otherwise) to the hospital preferably by 8 am.
(if you have dinner at 8.00 pm the previous night, the blood tests be done at 8.00 am next day)

3 . 

A newly registered patient must go through various procedures at our center, besides the blood tests.(ECG, Retinal Photography, Biothesiometry, Doppler, Dental check ups etc.)

4 . 

Different treatment packages are available for comprehensive care (INR 4500 and above) to suit the patient, based on stage of diabetes, age  and economic status. The diabetes team can guide about the packages. The treatment is standardised and protocol based.   Poor patient packages (limited tests and no consultation fee) start from INR 50 onwards.  The centre also offers totally free treatment for underprivileged and economically challenged patients.

5 . 

DTMS® is offered to only those registered with IM/Comprehensive Treatment. For other packages, we do not offer telemedicine based follow up.

6 . 

Additional tests and medications may be required based on the stage of the disease and status of other organs.

7 . 

Cancer screening tests are also available at the centre and the service can be requested.

8 . 

Fundus photography and  eye examination will be conducted to diagnose eye involvement due to diabetes

9 . 

The service of a dental clinic is also available at the center. Routine diabetic dentistry is being practiced as part of the treatment package.

10 . 

We request a responsible caregiver to accompany the patient to understand,  adhere and comply to long term follow up instructions/ education on meters, dosage titrations, reporting via telephone/ internet, diet, exercise advises etc. The treatment may not yield desired results without active support of a caregiver.

11 . 

It is mandatory that elderly patients and all those with uncontrolled parameters be taken care of by a caring relative or friend or secretarial staff.

12 . 

The patients are requested to openly discuss with the team all your ailments including sexual dysfunction if any.

13 . 

After completing all the investigations, patient will be ready to consult the diabetes team and the diabetologist. All doctors in the team are trained and qualified to deliver state of the art diabetes care.

14 . 

All patients new or old, have to dedicate a whole day at the center and patients are requested to come prepared.

Each physician meets only very limited number of patients a day, under DTMS® based treatment, ensuring highest level of care, trouble shooting with devices and techniques if any, diet and exercise advises etc.

Kindly don't harass us for waiting related issues and humble request to avoid us if you cannot find time to take care of your own health.

15 . 

JDC Diabetes Kitchen at the centre and provides healthy meals and refreshments.

16 . 

All major Credit cards are accepted here.


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