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Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum

Jothydev's Professional Education Forum(JPEF) was established with the sole objective of imparting basic and advanced knowledge in diabetes for professionals involved in the care of diabetes. Diabetes is a very complex disorder where the success of treatment depend on team work, updated knowledge of professionals and commitment to continuous learning.JPEF impart the best to modern medicine doctors and the entire team for the successful in clinic management of diabetes.

In addition to major global annual conventions, Mini JPEF CMEs are being organised very frequently. These web pages provide you with abridged information of our past and future scientific events. We invite all of you to be part of JPEF and enrich your knowledge on diabetes.


The 7th Jothydev’s Professional Education Forum (JPEF) Annual Diabetes two-day convention was inaugurated by Dr.Cherian Varghese (Acting Director, Non-Communicable Diseases(NCD), World Health Organization(WHO), Geneva). Around 120 faculty from across the world including Australia, England, Egypt, Canada, Oman, Singapore etc. and from various parts of India lectured at the two-day convention held at Hotel Uday Samudra, Kovalam,Trivandrum. More than 950 delegates including doctors,dietitians,diabetes educators etc. participated in the two-day convention.

The two-day convention witnessed the launch of a new concept - The Diabetes Fashion Show which saw diabetes patients walking the ramp proving that ‘It’s not ugly; diabetes is fashionable’. Subjects with diabetes and treating team consisting of doctors, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and psychologists from various parts of India participated in the fashion show.